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Monday, March 27, 2017

2GIG | Scranton’s Exciting new Home Security Panel!

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1st Choice Security Technologies is excited to announce the biggest
technology advancement in home security in the Scranton area, since wireless technology was first introduced decades ago.  The 2GIG panel is a complete home automation system but at a fraction of the cost of other home automation panels.  In the past home automation panels have sold for over $3,000.00 , and they didn’t have all the features this panel has at a small
fraction of the cost.  We’re introducing the panel at just $299.00 installed, while many of our competitors are selling the 2GIG panel for $600.00.
This is truly an exciting panel, at any price, that will revolutionize the  home security industry in Scranton, PA.

Home automation combines lighting, heating, fire protection, and security into one panel and allows them to work in harmony with each other.  I believe the most important application of this ability is if you were to experience a fire in your home, especially if it were in the middle of the night.  Everyone is fast asleep in your home when suddenly a fire breaks out, the 2GiG panel will sound the alarm, turn on the lights in all the bedrooms and hallways, call for the fire department, and turn off the HVAC so its not pumping smoke throughout your home, nor fresh oxygen to the fire.  Best of all, it is doing all of this at the same time.  The Scranton fire department could be at your home within minutes before the fire had a chance to spread.

2GIG’s security panel is named Go!Control – the first self-
contained, all-in-one security and home management system complete
with color LCD touch screen. (On the above mentioned competing
panel, just  the LCD screen itself sold for $1,000.00)   Other
features of the system include a built-in GSM radio enabling 2-way
voice calls over cellular, and up to the minute weather forecast
displayed on the color LCD screen.  An embedded Z-Wave radio that
transforms the panel into a home automation control device allowing
features such as HVAC, lighting and appliance control that are
seamlessly integrated with 2GIG’s security system to deliver
convenience and cost savings to customers.

Imagine every time you leave your home the HVAC is adjusted to save you money, and automatically turned up when you come home.  But if that weren’t enough you can adjust your heat, lights, etc… with your i-phone.
“The technological advancements of this product make this partnership a natural addition to eDist’s line of state-of-the-art equipment. Currently, there is nothing else like it in the industry,” said Nick Scarane, Executive Vice President of eDist. “…it’s the first time in a long while a product like this has come along.”

This is truly cutting edge technology, 2GiG was formed just in 2008 by former Honeywell Security veterans Lance Dean and Scott Simon, 2GIG
Technologies is engaged in the business of manufacturing the most technologically-advanced residential security and home management
solutions in the industry.  2GIG has developed and is currently manufacturing the GO!Control security panel– the first self-contained, all-in-one security and home management system complete with color LCD
touch screen. Web and PDA features are available through
Additional information is available at  In just about
a year’s time 2GIG is already in over 60,000 homes and will likely
double that in the coming year.
For anyone looking for a security system for their home in the Scranton area now is the time to jump on board this technology train.  2GiG is an
exciting panel that will be fun to use and will ad incredible security
to your home and the best part is that it doesn’t even require a phone
line.  All transmissions of signals are sent through AT&T or T-Mobile
wireless networks. (not available in all areas)

Call us today for  either a demo or a quote, in the Scranton, PA area, of this exciting new home automation security panel at (877) 683-2811!

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